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Drainage Rebate

The City of Thunder Bay offers financial assistance for homeowners who take flood prevention measures including installing sump pumps, sewer back-up prevention valves and weeping tile disconnections. The rebate program is available to property owners whose homes are impacted by extreme weather events.

EcoSuperior delivers this program on behalf of City of Thunder Bay. New funds are allocated by City of Thunder Bay yearly, and rebates are available while funding lasts. Check EcoSuperior's Drainage Rebate webpage for current availability.


What Does the Drainage Rebate Cover?

Via the Drainage Rebate, City of Thunder Bay will cover:

  • SUMP PUMP: 50% of the invoiced cost, up to $1,500, including labour, materials, permit and taxes.
  • SEWER BACK-UP PREVENTION VALVE: 50% of the invoiced cost up to $1,750, including labour, materials, permit and taxes.
  • DISCONNECT WEEPING TILE FROM SANITARY SEWER SYSTEM: 100% of the invoiced cost up to $500, including labour, materials, permit and taxes.

Who Qualifies?

You may qualify for the rebate if your home is on the City of Thunder Bay water supply and you have a water account in good standing. You must own (not rent) a single-family home or duplex. Your home's downspouts must have been disconnected from storm and sanitary sewers.

Applicable permits from City of Thunder Bay must be obtained. Sewer back-up prevention valves must be installed by a participating licensed plumber (see EcoSuperior links below), and other work by a qualified contractor. One application per household.

How Do I Get Started?

Visit these resources from EcoSuperior:

EcoSuperior's Drainage Rebate webpage

EcoSuperior's Drainage Rebate Brochure

For more information, contact Jamie Saunders at EcoSuperior at 624-2658 or