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Rain Barrel Discount

The City of Thunder Bay Environment Division makes a limited number of $20 discounts available on a yearly basis for the purchase of rain barrels at EcoSuperior.

EcoSuperior delivers this program on behalf of City of Thunder Bay.

What Are the Benefits of a Rain Barrel?
A rain barrel will catch some of the rain runoff from your roof via a downspout, conserving the fresh, soft water for use in your garden, and reducing your need to water with for tap water. Not only does this benefit your plants and save you money, but it helps the environment by reducing rain runoff travelling to the City's storm sewer system.

As rain runoff moves across the ground/pavement, it picks up soil from the ground and contaminants from pavements. The runoff and its components put a strain on the storm sewer system, and eventually reach Lake Superior. Reducing runoff reduces soil leaching and surface damage, and contamination of Lake Superior and its contributing creeks and rivers. Let's keep our water clean!

Rain BarrelWho Qualifies, and How Do I Purchase My Rain Barrel?
The rain barrels are available for purchase from EcoSuperior at 562 Red River Road. You may qualify for the $20 Rain Barrel Discount if your home is on the City of Thunder Bay water supply and you have a water account in good standing. Just present a copy of your current water bill when you visit EcoSuperior. Limit one rain barrel per household.

Please call EcoSuperior at 624-2140 before visiting, to check what's in stock and the availability of the $20 discount.

Not a City of Thunder Bay Water customer? You may purchase a rain barrel from EcoSuperior at the discounted price of $65.

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