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Wise Water Use

Waters of Lake Superior

Please conserve this precious resource, water, and use it wisely.

Did you know that on the globe, Canadians are second only to Americans in the amount of water we use? The average Canadian uses about 120,000 litres (26,396 gallons) of water per year. At least half of this water use is unnecessary and wasteful. Water lost via leaking faucets, old water-guzzling toilets, and excessive outdoor watering could fill more than nine billion bathtubs each year!

We must curb our use of water to ensure a constant supply of fresh, drinkable water into the future. Promoting water efficiency and reducing the amount of water your family uses isn't difficult. Saving water can also mean saving money! Water efficiency has many rewards!

Practise the 3Rs of wise water use:

  • Reduce – Become aware of the amount of water you’re using and look for ways to use less
  • Retrofit – Replace water-guzzling toilets and appliances with more water-efficient models, or retrofit existing appliances with water-saving devices
  • Repair – Stop the leaks! In one year, a leak of just ONE drip per second wastes 10,000 litres (2,167 gallons) of water – enough water to fill more than 60 bathtubs



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Interested in getting involved in promoting the wise use of water? Visit the EarthCare Thunder Bay webpage for more information.