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Active Transportation Plan

The Thunder Bay Active Transportation Plan was created by the Active Transportation Advisory Committee to address the need for a long-term plan to guide the development of a commuter and recreational network in Thunder Bay. 

The Plan defines existing components of this network, provides recommendations for new infrastructure to improve the network, and sets design standards for new active transportation infrastructure.  The Plan provides a framework by which new ideas for developing active transportation are reviewed and improved.    

Thunder Bay Active Transportation Vision:

 Bike Wheel

Through leadership, planning, and community partnerships, Thunder Bay is a healthy, accessible, environmentally sustainable community, where active transportation is a key component of a safe, innovative, integrated transportation system that links where we all live, work and play.

First Principles of the Active Transportation Plan:                 

  • Safety
  • Promotion and Education
  • Inclusive/Diversity
  • Connectivity/Access
  • Aesthetics
  • Supportive Amenities/Facilities
  • Sustainability

Thunder Bay Active Transportation Goals:


Improved safety for people who are engaged in Active Transportation activities.
  • Create a safe shared use trail system using Provincial and Federal safety guidelines

Increase the number of people walking, biking, or traveling by other means of Active Transportation

  • Promote the health benefits of using Thunder Bay’s active transportation system
  • Ensure trail system is user friendly, meets the needs of all citizens, and complies with regulations of Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 – AODA
  • Comply with the City of Thunder Bay’s Clean, Green, and Beautiful Policy

Develop infrastructure that supports Active Transportation

  • Provide route signage and orientation markings (wayfinding)
  • Link the cycling and transit systems, and make trails and routes convenient to all neighbourhoods
  • Link the commuter system with the trail system
  • Create and install bike racks, benches, end of trip facilities, and secure storage
  • Strategically develop the system, including expansion into new developments, maintenance and improvements

Develop policies that support Active Transportation

  • Take a holistic approach to corridor management in transportation planning

Develop community partnerships committed to implementing a dynamic and sustainable Active Transportation Plan

  • Create a long term dynamic plan with community input and partnership support
  • Secure ongoing financial support and commitment from the City of Thunder Bay


View The Active Transportation Plan - Corporate Report 2008.172