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Bike Parking

The City of Thunder Bay is working to expand the number of bike racks around the city to better accommodate cycling as a transportation choice. Recently, Active Transportation has taken on several initiatives that make it easier for businesses to provide good bike parking for their customers on either public or private property. 

Would you like a bike rack for your organization or business? The City's Bike Racks for Business Program is designed to make it easy! Learn more here.

The City has also developed resources to answer questions related to bike parking: 

Thunder Bay Bicycle Parking Guidelines
Recommended Bike Rack Manufacturers and Suppliers
Bike Rack Standard: Inverted U
Bike Rack Standard: Inverted U Series
Bike Rack Standard: Post and Ring


Every bus in the city is now equipped with bike racks to help facilitate cycling as a mode of transportation! Follow this link for an explanation on how to use our City Bus Racks

Public Bike Racks in Thunder Bay

Inverted-U Bike Rack      Artistic Bicycle Hoop Rack

'Thunder Bay' Inverted 'U' Bike Rack              Inverted 'U' with Public Art

 Post and Ring Bike Rack

 Post and Ring Style

For more information, please contact:
Adam Krupper
Mobility Coordinator
Tel:(807) 625-2163
Fax: (807) 625-3588