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Bike Racks for Business

Do you want bike parking for your business or organization?

We want to make it as simple as possible for you. 

     What Does the Program Offer?

  • A free site visit and site assessment
  • High-quality, custom 'Thunder Bay' bike racks
  • All mounting hardware
  • Free bike rack delivery
  • Bulk purchase pricing ($200 per unit)

Inverted-U Bike Rack


Simply contact:
Adam Krupper
Active Transportation Coordinator
City of Thunder Bay
Phone: 807-625-2163


The City of Thunder Bay’s Active Transportation program launched Bike Racks for Businesses in June 2012. Through this program, the City offers business owners and organizations the opportunity to have a bike rack installed in front of their business at a significantly reduced price. These high-quality bike racks are helping provide convenient bike security and an enhanced aesthetic appearance to storefronts, business areas, and offices around the city. 

The first set of bike racks were available through a special funding grant received through the City’s Clean, Green, and Beautiful Committee.  Designed entirely from stainless steel and complemented by a piece of locally designed public artwork, these racks offered a lifetime of beauty and function. Businesses with artistic bike racks have been provided with information cards to distribute freely, which provide an artist biography and a explanation of the art design.

In spring of 2014, the City ordered a second batch of racks from Canadian manufacturer UrbanRacks.  These racks are made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel and feature a customized ‘Thunder Bay’ crossbar.  The racks are rugged, good looking, and weather-proof.  


Currently available ‘Thunder Bay’ Bike Rack:

Thunder Bay Bike Rack Sample


Previously available ‘Art’ Bike Racks:

PINE by Luke Nichol
Arthur Street: "The link to the new Civic Centre"
PLANTLIFE by Jean Marshall
Red River Road: "The Dawson Trail"
 Artistic Bike Rack, Pine.  Artistic bike rack, Plant Life.
 FATE by Caroline Kajorinne
May-Memorial-Algoma: "The new Main Street"
Memory Wheels Turning, by Jen Nichols
General Routes
 Artistic bike rack, Fate.  Artistic bike rack, Memory Wheels Turning.


Link to a Bike Racks for Business article.

Artwork descriptions can be found on the City's Public Art webpage.

For more information, please contact:

Adam Krupper
Active Transportation Coordinator
City of Thunder Bay
Phone: 807-625-2163