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Active Transportation on facebook:

Sharing the Road Videos:

In May 2014, the City of Thunder Bay launched their "Sharing the Road" video series. These fun videos go over the basics of biking and driving in Thunder Bay.  


Educational Information:

2025 Active Transportation Plan  Adobe PDF, 1 Page, 1.2 MB 
2016 Active Transportation Map  Adobe PDF, 1 Page, 2.7 MB
Educational Material:
Bike Lanes Pamphlet  Adobe PDF, 2 Pages, 918 KB
Right Turns with Bike Lanes  Adobe PDF, 2 Pages, 570 KB
Safe Cycling Program  Adobe PDF, 2 Pages, 2.4 MB
Parking with Bike Lanes  Adobe PDF, 2 Pages, 1.4 MB
Biking and Driving Quick Start  Adobe PDF, 2-Pages, 488 KB
All-Weather Cycling Guide  Adobe PDF, 18 Pages, 981 KB


Active Transportation Corporate Reports:  

The Active Transportation Plan
- Corporate Report 2008.172
(standards for on-road facilities) 

 Adobe PDF, 14 pages, 740 KB


Active Transportation and Cycling in Thunder Bay:

Bike Shops:

Active Transportation Websites: