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The Parking Authority operates 15 surface parking lots and two parking structures, as well as 1,525 metered on-street parking spaces. Parking enforcement throughout the City is administered by the Parking Authority using contract security personnel. Such enforcement helps ensure that motorists adhere to parking restrictions established for traffic flow, street maintenance, parking turnover and residential convenience reasons.

Calendar Parking and Priority Route Restrictions

Calendar parking restrictions apply from Nov. 15 to March 31*. Signs indicate that vehicles may NOT park from 9 am to 5 pm on either odd or even days. For example, if you park on an odd calendar day on the same side of the street as a sign that states that there is no parking from 9 am to 5 pm on odd calendar days, you are subject to the issuance of a calendar parking ticket. The restriction ensures that residential areas can be properly maintained during the day by keeping one side of the roadway clear of vehicles, and ensure safe pedestrian/traffic flow when the road widths become narrow.

*Under the By-law, the start and end dates for Calendar Parking Restrictions may change based on weather conditions and long-range forecasts. Winter parking restrictions may come in to effect later than November 15 or may end earlier than March 31 if weather conditions permit.  Watch the media for announcements.

Priority route restrictions apply from Nov. 15 to April 30. Signs indicate that vehicles cannot park from 2 am to 7am and apply every night. The restrictions ensure that streets designated as priority routes for use by service/emergency vehicles can be properly maintained during the winter months. The restriction lasts until the end of April to guarantee that unpredictable late season weather does not prevent the proper road maintenance of roads used by emergency vehicles.


Fines for Parking Infractions
Infraction Fine Fine
  (If paid within 5
working days)
(If paid after 5
working days)
Expired Parking Meter $15 $20
'No Parking' Infraction $25 $30
'No Stopping' Infraction $30 $40
Calendar Parking Restrictions
9 am to 5 pm
$40 $50
Priority Route Restrictions
2 am to 7 am
$40 $50
Disabled Parking Restriction $305 $305

Parking Fines can be paid at the Victoriaville Civic Centre, 111 Syndicate Ave. S.
Fines are subject to change.

A Guide to Assist You in Proper Snow Removal Practices

Some winters we encounter heavy snowfalls. With large accumulations, it may become necessary to have snow removed. Snow being removed should be dumped at approved dump sites. The City dispatcher can provide you the location of the snow dump - call (807) 625-2195.

Remember - be courteous

  • Deposit your snow onto your own private properly and not on neighbouring driveways, walkways, building or fences. (civil matter)

What NOT to do:

  • Obstruct laneway with snow.
  • Place snow on boulevard in a fashion that creates a site obstruction.
  • Plow or push snow across city streets or roads.
  • Push or blow snow onto streets. This causes obstruction of roads and hampers the progress of City work crews in their clearing efforts. Snow also eventually ends up in neighbouring driveways.
  • Push snow onto sidewalks as it impedes pedestrians.
  • Obstruct ditches with snow (causes spring flooding).
  • Obstruction traffic signs or hydrants with snow.

For more information on parking in Thunder Bay, contact:

City of Thunder Bay
Parking Authority

Address: City of Thunder Bay
P.O. Box 800
Thunder Bay, Ontario
P7C 5K4
  General Information:
  (807) 625-2370
Supervisor: Jonathan Paske
Tel: (807) 625-3491