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Recreational Trails

Trowbridge TrailTrowbridge Forest recreational trail Master Plan

The City of Thunder Bay’s Parks & Open Spaces Section worked with various partners to produce a Master Plan to increase recreational opportunities in the Trowbridge Forest for residents, and to establish mountain biking as a viable tourism draw for Thunder Bay.

Trowbridge Forest Recreational Trail Master Plan 

For more information, visit the Master Plan's webpage.

Trail at Boulevard LakeRecreational trails in Thunder Bay are intended for shared non-motorized uses such as walking, running, cycling and in-line skating - and for use by persons with disabilities using powered wheelchairs. Trails provide a great opportunity to get active.

Ontario Trails Activity SURVEY

The Ontario Trails Council and the City's Parks Division initiated an innovative trail use survey system on four Thunder Bay trails in October 2012. Centennial Park, Boulevard Lake, Chapples Park, and Parkway (Neebing River) trails are part of this province-wide pilot project.

The project allows trail users to answer questions about their experience on any of the four trails by using their smartphone to complete a survey. The application simply directs you through a Quick Response Code (QR code), or web address to an on-line survey. The survey asks a few simple questions about the trail, your experience on it, how far you travelled to use the trail and improvements you’d like to see. Information gathered will assist planners in developing trails that better meet the needs of the users. 

Look for the survey decals near trail entry points, on posts, sign boards and litter containers. Completing the survey enters the user in a prize draw!

The surveys can also be accessed via these links: 

Longest Trail

For a 10.5 km trip, connect the paved trails that run from the corner of John Street to Junot Avenue to the corner of Arthur Street and Riverview Drive (beside the Best Western on Arthur Street).

Most Popular Trail

While all the trails are popular, the 5+ kilometre loop around Boulevard Lake consistently attracts large numbers of users.

Trail Map

This map shows existing and recreational trails and proposed new trails.
Recreation Trail Maps  Adobe PDF, 2 pages, 4.87 MB   

Trail Courtesy

  • Be aware of other trail users and respect their right to use the trails
  • Obey all traffic laws, posted signs and signals
  • Walk, run, ride or roll in a safe, consistent and predictable manner
  • Don't block the trail: others may have difficulty passing
  • Cyclists and in-line skaters must yield to pedestrians
  • Keep on the right-hand side of the trail except when passing
  • Please keep pets on a leash and remember to clean up after them
  • No motorized vehicles, except wheelchairs, and maintenance or emergency vehicles, are allowed on recreation trails
  • Please do not litter

Contact Us

For more information on recreational trails through the Parks Division in Thunder Bay, contact:
City of Thunder Bay

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