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Road Work & Maintenance

Sidewalk ConstructionRoad construction projects underway in Thunder Bay can result in road closures, detours and delays for drivers. Drivers should reduce their speed, be alert, watch for workers and drive with extra care in construction zones.

During 2016, 16 km of roads were resurfaced or reconstructed. As we upgrade our pavements we also upgrade streetlighting, traffic signals and our underground infrastructure. This included 6 km of watermain replacement or in-place rehabilitation, 2.5 km of sanitary sewer replacement or in-place rehabilitation and 4.3 km of new storm sewers. As part of our Pollution Prevention Control Program 0.5 km of combined sewers were separated in 2016.

In 2016, Thunder Bay’s Active Transportation Program was enhanced with new green lanes on Vickers Street, new crossride markings on Arundel Street and Hudson Avenue, new bike lanes on Gore Street, and changes to stop signs on Windsor Street from Algonquin Avenue to Rockwood Avenue.

The City of Thunder Bay is investing 34.7 million in 2017, on road and sidewalk rehabilitation, residential paving, sanitary and storm sewer and watermain repair/replacement, bridge and culvert work, and streetlight renewal.

Updated information is posted monthly, between May and October. 



Each spring, once the snow is gone, street sweeping on arterial and collector roads and downtown cores begins.

Line of Street SweepersThe cleaning process takes six to eight weeks. Once arterial routes are complete, sweeping efforts move on to residential streets. Sidewalks are swept along with the streets as crews move through the City. For fairness, each year the schedule for sweeping in residential areas is rotated. The City is divided into areas and it takes approximately six weeks to complete the sweeping of residential areas.

The City also repairs areas of sod that are turned up adjoining the curb in the course of winter roads maintenance. We welcome your input if you notice areas of concern. Inquiries may be sent to

Residential Street SWEEPING priority map

City residential areas will be cleaned in numerical order. The order in which residential areas are cleaned by City crews changes each year - the first neighbourhood this year will move to the bottom of next year's list, and all other areas will move up. Below are maps that show the 2017 street sweeping areas in numbered sequence.

2017 Residential Street Cleaning Priority Map - North  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 801 KB
2017 Residential Street Cleaning Priority Map - South  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 935 KB

Check out this short video on Street Sweeping Operations in Thunder Bay to get a better understanding of what streets are chosen based on cycles from year to year, why street sweeping is done and how it works.