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Employment with Thunder Bay Transit

Thunder Bay Transit hires through the Human Resources Division of the City of Thunder Bay. Applications and resumes can be sent to Human Resources and will be accepted only on current job postings.

Visit the Employment webpage for information on current positions and how to apply.

Thunder Bay Transit

At Thunder Bay Transit, we believe that people are most successful when they are well matched to their jobs. A good fit between the person and the job ensures that our employees will enjoy and be successful at what they do - a benefit both to the Corporation and the individual. This outline is designed to provide a realistic preview of our Division and the Transit Operator opportunity. The information presented in this document may help you decide if this job is a good match for you. Follow the link for a Self-Assessment Quiz of your fit to the position of Transit Operator.

Thunder Bay Transit is a Division of the Facilities and Fleet Department of the City of Thunder Bay. We serve our citizens with a fleet of forty-nine 40-foot fully accessible buses, running 14 routes and operating 20 hours a day, 365 days per year. Our mission is to provide the best customer service possible while being competitive and responsive to our diverse customer base. Our ridership reflects the diversity of our community, serving customers of all ages, backgrounds, and individual needs.

About Transit Operators

Transit Operators start and end their shifts at either our central facility on Fort William Road, Water Street Terminal, or City Hall Terminus. Each facility offers basic amenities such as lunchroom and washroom facilities which provide an opportunity to interact with coworkers and administration. Much of the Operator’s time is spent on the bus they are assigned for their shift. Our buses are all well maintained for the comfort of both passengers and the Operator.

Transit operators are skilled professionals who provide safe, courteous and accessible public transit service. Their job is very dynamic and they are exposed to a variety of working conditions. Transit operators are required to work varying shifts throughout the day. This could involve split shifts where you would have two or three pieces of work within a twelve-hour period.

Work will be assigned to you from a "spare-board". This means that your work is assigned to you on a daily basis and as a result, you may have to adjust and adapt to last minute changes to your working day.

This work requires up to 19 hours a day, seven days a week coverage, and that requires working a wide variety of shifts. Days off will vary from week to week and may not even be two days in a row.

Due to the nature of the working conditions of a Transit operator, there could be an impact on both your personal and family life.

A Day in the Life of a Transit Operator

Listed below are typical responsibilities that Transit Operators encounter on a daily basis. Keep in mind that each day is unique so flexibility is required of this job:

  • Transport passengers safely according to Thunder Bay Transit's routes and time schedules. Customer relations forms a large part of the Transit Operator’s daily activities and Operators meet a variety of passengers from various social, economic, and multi-cultural backgrounds, which can make the job very interesting.
  • Operate assigned Transit vehicles in a safe manner in high density traffic and all weather conditions. Our buses follow a set schedule and Operators must follow schedule guidelines, sometimes under challenging circumstances.
  • Ensure the operational requirements of the on-board electronics which includes the GPS location system, the bus stop announcement system, and the on-board video camera system.
  • Collect proper fares and check the validity of transfers/passes and resolve any passenger disputes.
  • Provide information and assist passengers in a courteous manner.
  • Maintain orderliness on the vehicle by dealing with individual riders as well as disruptive groups.
  • Advise Transit Control of a variety of issue such as when off schedule, vehicle maintenance issues and vehicle or passenger emergencies.
  • Fill out accident and/or other reports as required related to any incidences occurring during the shift.
  • Provide assistance to passengers with language barriers, accessibility needs and deal with passenger’s challenging temperaments.

Transit Operators usually work alone, without direct supervision, which requires a great deal of individual autonomy and responsibility. However, we work as a team to support each other. Transit Operators maintain radio communications with the Controller on duty.

All of our buses are equipped with wheelchair accessible features that require Operators to activate the ramp system and ensuring that customers in wheelchairs are secure before proceeding on route.

Compensation & Benefits

As a new hire, you are considered a relief Operator, which means you are not guaranteed any hours. On average, it could take Operators two to three years to move to a full-time or guaranteed-hours position, which is a minimum of 40 hours per week.

As a new operator working in a unionized environment, you will have limited choices as to when you can take your vacation. All vacation selections are based on seniority.

As of January 1, 2015, an operator trainee will be paid hourly at 60% of the starting Operator’s rate (1 st 6 months) during the training program. If successful in the training program, Transit Operators are paid:

Step 1 (1st 6 Months): $20.62 per hour

Step 2 (2nd 6 Months): $23.19 per hour

Step 3 (Full-time rate): $25.77 per hour (maximum)

Thunder Bay Transit offers a competitive total compensation package when a Relief Operator attains the position of full-time Operator that includes the following:

  • Extended Health and Dental
  • Short and Long Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Savings Plan, with employer matching contributions
  • Membership in the Amalgamated Transit Union (required - Union dues are deducted bi-weekly)
  • Paid vacation based on years of service
  • All benefits are subject to established waiting periods as per the current Collective Agreement.

We appreciate your interest in Thunder Bay Transit as a choice of a lifelong career. To apply for the position of Relief Transit Operator please submit an open competition application available from the City of Thunder Bay Human Resources Division at May and Donald Streets between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Applications and resumes can be sent to Human Resources and will be accepted only on current job postings.

Visit the Employment webpage for information on current positions and how to apply.

Follow the link for a Self-Assessment Quiz of your fit to the position of Transit Operator.