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Definitions At-A-Glance

Active Registrant - A registrant who regularly travels on Lift+ Specialized Transit during a 12 consecutive month period.

Cancelled Trip – Any trip that has been pre-booked (permanent or demand trip) that has been
cancelled by the Customer. Customers are encouraged to cancel a booked trip more than 2 hours prior to departure to avoid late cancellation charges.

Companion – Registrants may have a person occasionally travel with them on the service. A registrant must indicate at the time of booking a trip if a companion will be traveling with them. Companion travel may be restricted based on availability of room on the bus. All companions must pay the relevant fare.
Conditional Eligibility – A level of eligibility granted to a person with a disability where certain conditions limit their ability to consistently use conventional transit. For example, seasonal or accessible bus stops.

Demand Trip – A demand trip is any trip booked as required.

Hand-to-Hand Attendant – Required by the registrant at all drop-off locations. The registrant is able to travel alone; however, requires an attendant to meet them at their destination. Without the hand-to-hand attendant present, a Lift+ operator is unable to leave the registrant at their destination and may have to return them to their pick-up location. The Customer is responsible for ensuring there is an attendant available at the destination if required.

In-Active Registrant - A registrant who has not traveled on a Lift+ van for 12 consecutive months will be deemed inactive and may have to re-apply for the specialized service. 

Late Cancellation – A cancellation that is received without 2 hours notice.

No Show – A no-show occurs when:

  • The Lift+ vehicle has waited 5 minutes past either the confirmed pick-up time or the time of arrival, whichever is later;
  • The customer or their caregiver refuse the ride when it arrives;
  • The customer is not waiting at the pick-up point for their return trip; and/or
  • The customer has not ensured a safe walk or pathway to their residence, i.e. snow removal.

Permanent Trip – A subscription booking of any trip request that is consistently required on a regular basis - for the same day or days of the week, at the same time and to the same destination. Once approved, the trip will be automatically scheduled each week. For further information and to obtain an application form visit the Permanent Ride page.  

Service Area – The area within which all trip origins and destinations must be located. The current service area as of January 1, 2014 is the boundary of the City of Thunder Bay.

Shared Ride – Trips taken in which other Customers will be picked up and dropped off during the same time period.  

Specialized Transit - The service is described as a shared-ride “door to door” public transit service. The driver must see that Customer is safely inside the outermost door at destination.  

Support Person – An attendant required by the registrant for support while traveling on Lift+ due to being unable to travel alone. The registrant must always have support person, if indicated, for travel, otherwise his/her trip will be denied by the Operator. A medical professional must support the need for a support person on the “Application Form for Lift+ Support Person Program.”

Temporary Eligibility – Level of eligibility granted to a person with a temporary disability that is expected to improve and that prevents them from using conventional transit. For example, surgery recovery. This person will be re-assessed every 3, 6 or 12 months, to ensure that specialized transit service is still required

Unaccommodated Trip – A trip request not booked due to the time requested is not available.

Unconditional Eligibility – Level of eligibility granted to a person with a disability that prevents them from using conventional transit.

Visitor – A non-resident of the City of Thunder Bay, visiting the city for a short period of time and wishes to access the specialized service. Refer to the Visitor page for more information.