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Appeal Process

If an application for Lift+ Specialized Transit has been denied based on eligibility, the Lift+ Specialized Transit Eligibility Appeal Process offers an applicant the opportunity to appeal the decision.

The appeal process is intended to ensure that applications are evaluated in a fair and transparent manner, and decisions are made in accordance with established eligibility criteria.

Appeals may be filed if an applicant disagrees with the determination made by Lift+ administration. This can include not being eligible for the service or with regards to the category of eligibility which has been assigned.

To file an appeal, submit a completed Lift+ Specialized Transit Eligibility Appeal Form or letter which specifically addresses why the applicant does not agree with the decision made on his/her determination letter. Be sure to include all relevant supporting documentation with the appeal. The appellant may also be required to personally attend a meeting with the Lift+ Specialized Transit Appeal Panel.

In order for an appeal to be accepted, the eligibility appeal form or letter must be received by the Office of the City Clerk within 30 calendar days from the date on the applicant’s determination letter. The Lift+ Specialized Transit Eligibility Appeal Panel has 30 days from the receipt of an appeal to respond. If the Appeal Panel is unable to garner a decision in 30 days, the appellant may be granted temporary eligibility until a decision is made.

Lift+ Specialized Transit Eligibility Appeal Forms can be obtained from the Office of the City Clerk.

In person:

City Hall, 3rd Floor
500 Donald Street East
Thunder Bay Ontario

By Phone: