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Permanent Trips

Reservations can be requested for trips that are taken on a regular basis over extended periods. Permanent trip requests can be for any purpose and are not approved based on the nature of the trip, but on the availability of Lift+ to provide that trip. To request a permanent trip, complete the Application Form and return to Thunder Bay Transit. Unfortunately, we cannot always accommodate requests due to limited spaces.

Please note: All permanent rides that fall on a Statutory Holiday will be considered cancelled unless otherwise notified by the customer.

Permanent Trip Guidelines

  • Must be for a minimum of eight weeks;
  • Must be on the same day(s) of the week, at the same time(s);
  • Must be from the same pick up address going to the same destination;
  • One request form for each individual permanent trip is required;
  • Requests for permanent trips must be submitted four weeks in advance of the first date transportation is required – Passengers will be notified when a permanent booking has been confirmed. Until that time, passengers must continue to book individual trips; 
  • Once permanent trip arrangements are scheduled, passengers must use the booking at least 75 per cent of the time over a three month period or the permanent booking may be cancelled and the passenger will be asked to book individual trips instead;
    Note: We recognize that there may be circumstances out of the control of passengers that contribute to occasional cancellations of permanent trips; however, the passenger is responsible for maintaining acceptable levels of usage when a permanent booking is created; 
  • There is a charge for late cancellations (within four hours of the scheduled pick up time) and no shows; 
  • A permanent booking can be put on hold for a maximum of four weeks upon 48 hours or greater notice; 
  • Any change to the day, time, origin of pickup or destination requires a new permanent trip application; and

The following will apply to the cancellations of permanent rides:

First Notice
Any Customer with a high record of permanent trip cancellations – more than 25% cancelled – within any one month will be sent a 1st written notice. The intent of the 1st notice is to inform the Customer that a continued high rate of permanent trip cancellations is considered to be a misuse of this service and that the Customer’s record must improve. Customers are invited to respond to the first notice.

Second Notice
Should any Customer’s record of permanent trip cancellations not improve in any one month during the 3 month period following the first notice, a second notice will be sent advising that a continued high rate of permanent trip cancellations will result in cancellation of the permanent trips. Customers are invited to discuss this notice with Transit Administration.

Permanent Trip Cancellation
Should any Customer continue to cancel their permanent trips at a high record – more than 25% cancelled – in any one month during the 3-month period following the second notice, they will be notified that their permanent trips have been cancelled.

Permanent bookings will be reviewed regularly for minimum usage and continued need.