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Support Persons, Companions, and Children

Registrants may have someone accompany them on their trip with Lift+. In some instances, that person may
be required for all trips and in other instances it may on a trip-by-trip basis. Please read the definitions below
to determine what your accompaniment needs are.

Some registrants of Lift+ may require a support person while traveling for communication, mobility, personal
care, medical needs or access to goods, services or facilities. A support person should be in place if the registrant is unable to travel alone during the trip. Lift+ Operators provide door-to-door assistance.
Subject to approval, a medical professional must confirm the need for a support person. An application for
support person is available online or on request. The registrant must always be accompanied by his/her
support person while traveling with Lift+ or the trip will be cancelled. The support person will ride free of

Some registrants of Lift+ may be able to travel alone; however, may require an attendant to meet them at
their destination. Without the hand-to-hand attendant present, a Lift+ Operator is unable to leave the
registrant at his/her destination and may have to return him/her to his/her pick-up location. The registrant is
responsible for ensuring there is an attendant available at the destination if required.

All registrants may have a person occasionally travel with them on Lift+. A registrant must indicate at the time
of booking a trip if a companion will be traveling. Companion travel may be restricted based on availability. All
companions must pay the relevant fare.


Children ages 12 & under must be accompanied by a travel companion. Lift+ Specialized Transit will only transport children who are in a booster seat or can wear a seatbelt as per MTO requirements. A child can start using a seatbelt alone once any one of the following criteria is met:

  • Child turns eight years old
  • Child weighs 36 kg (80 lbs.)
  • Child is 145 cm (57 ins. or 4 ft. 9 ins.) tall

It is the passenger and/or travel companion's responsibility to provide a booster seat for all children who need one under the MTO requirements.