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Transit Helpline

Call 684-3744

A 24- hour information line is available to Transit customers. It works with both rotary and touch-tone phones, and provides the following information:

  • Times of the next scheduled buses at your bus stop (current bus times)
  • Times later today or on another day of the week (future bus times)
  • Information on fares and passes, including locations of pass outlets
  • Which buses to take to major destinations

The schedule information is accessed by using a 4-digit number assigned to every bus stop in the city. This number is posted at all bus stops, but can also be obtained by using a special feature called the automated directory. If you don’t know your bus stop number when prompted to enter it, just wait about 5 seconds, the system will help you find the number by prompting you to select which route you are on, and where you are along the route.

This system can handle up to 8 calls at one time, and does assist about 80% of transit callers. For those who need more specific help with using the buses, transit staff are available to assist during regular office hours. (8:30 - 4:30, Monday to Friday.) Just press 0 at any time, and you will be transferred to our main office.