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Winter Weather

Snow Removal

Clearing snow from roads and sidewalks is the responsibility of the City’s Roads Division. Bus stops and terminals are maintained by the Transit Division. When snow accumulation exceeds 8 cm, roads are cleared first, followed by sidewalks and then bus stops. It usually takes five (5) days, on average, after a snow event to clear all roadways, sidewalks and bus stops.

All efforts are made to maintain bus stop and terminal platforms in a safe, snow-free condition - however, this cannot be accomplished instantaneously. Heavy snowfalls or icing conditions that develop as a result of freeze/thaw cycles may require multiple rounds of cleaning after City sidewalk plowing has been completed.

Winter Weather Tips

If you must travel – put safety first.
• When extreme winter conditions exist, it is always safest to stay where you are. If you absolutely must travel, the bus is often your best option.

• Buses will stop on level surfaces where it is safe to do so. Buses may slide on snow as they approach the curb. Stay on the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop.

• Be visible. Especially on dark winter mornings, it’s important that you make yourself visible to an approaching bus. Wear light-color clothing.

• Step carefully. Bus steps become slippery from snow. Kick the snow from your shoes before stepping on the bus. Use the handrails and take your time.

• Dress warmly. Although the ride will be warm, your trip to and from the bus stop may not be. Put on an extra layer – even a short wait at your stop can be dangerous if you’re not dressed for the weather. If the temperature on your bus isn't right, please tell your driver so the problem can be fixed or reported to repair staff.

Expect delays

Plan ahead and take an earlier trip to make sure you arrive on time. Remember – if conditions are slowing traffic, buses will be delayed. Be assured that your driver is doing everything possible to stay on schedule while maintaining safety.

Winter Weather Detours

When severe winter weather hits, we may be forced to implement detours on some routes. To learn if your route has been detoured, look for updates on Twitter (@TBayTransit) or Facebook (, Transit Service Alerts webpage or call 684-3744.