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House & Yard

Photo of houses on Marks Street The City provides many services that affect your home and yard as an important part of our commitment to providing a high quality of life for residents. This section gives practical information, whether you are planning major construction, looking for your next recycling day, or wanting to report your water meter reading.

Thank you for your efforts to keep your neighbourhood clean, green and beautiful. Visit the Clean, Green and Beautiful Home Page to learn more about the City initiative and awards program.

Building or Renovating New home being constructed

The Building Services Division has developed a series of guides to help you through the process of building or renovating your home. Visit the Building and Renovating Home Page to  learn more about the law and how to navigate the process.


Waste & Recycling Collection

Waste & recycling collection are among the most visible services provided by the City. To find your next collection date, and to learn about your part in the process, visit the Waste & Recycling Home Page.

Report Your Water Meter Reading

Timely submission of water meter readings means you pay for what you use. To submit your reading, access the Online Water Meter Readings and Reminders.

Water Conservation

We all play a role in water conservation through simple habits like turning off the tap while brushing teeth and watering (not over-watering) the lawn. To learn more, visit the Use Water Wisely Home Page for  water conservation tips and techniques.

Boulevard Trees

Tree on City Boulevard Trees on City boulevards are an important part of the City's infrastructure  and your neighbourhood. To learn about how to request a boulevard tree, the Public Tree By-law and frequently asked questions, visit Urban Forestry