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Building a House

Building permits are required for all new construction and for all additions to existing Single Family Detached Residential Buildings.

Download the Building Permit Application Form Adobe PDF, 3 pages, 69 KB

What do I need to provide to the City in addition to the completed Building Permit application?

The following documents are required for all applications:

  • Schedule 1: Designer information, completed, with designer’s signature
  • Written authorization from the owner of the building, if the application is submitted by someone other than the owner, such as a contractor
  • Proof of ownership: for new homes, either a property deed or offer to purchase; for additions or renovations to existing homes, either a property deed or tax notice
  • Three sets of the following types of working drawings designed by a Registered Designer:
    • Site plan requirements and a sample, indicating existing buildings and the proposed structure
    • Site drainage plan showing finished grade at dwelling and at lot lines (may be included with site plan)
    • Foundation plan requirements and samples
    • Floor plan requirements and samples. Additional information is needed for floor trusses (see below)
    • Roof plan, showing complex or non-standard roof framing that cannot be adequately shown on the building section. Additional information is needed for roof trusses (see below)
    • Building sections requirements and samples
    • Building elevation requirements and samples
  • Two sets of isometric plumbing drawings prepared by a qualified designer or the building owner. See Guide to Plumbing Applications for more information
  • Permit fee, calculated using the Building Permit Fee Calculation Sheet
    Building Permit Fee Calculator Adobe PDF 1 page, 31 KB
  • Additional departmental or agency approvals required (e.g., Thunder Bay Engineering Division or Lakehead Region Conservation Authority)

The following documents are required, depending on the design of the building

  • Roof truss layout/floor truss layout: engineered drawings are required, and are usually provided by the truss manufacturer
  • Engineering beam details for manufactured products such as microlam or gluelam beams, or complex, non standard wooden beams
  • Fireplace/woodstove/chimney details, including manufacturer’s installation instructions. See Guide to Solid Fuel Burning Appliances
  • Mechanical ventilation design for HRV and dedicated systems, including data sheets from a qualified designer
  • Hydronic heating system details, including system summary information, piping layout, and details of the hot water heating appliance


Once you receive a building permit, it is your responsibility to arrange for building inspections. Call at least 48 hours in advance to book an appointment. You can call at any time to leave a message.

For building inspections, call (807) 625-2570 (North Ward) or 807-625-3124 (South Ward)

For plumbing inspections, call (807) 625-2280 (North Ward) or (807) 625-2868 (South Ward).

In most cases, the following inspections are required:

  • Readiness to construct footings
  • Connection to sewers (or septic tank) and to water lines
  • Foundation before backfill
  • Plumbing groundwork
  • In-floor hydronic heating
  • Framing, ductwork and piping for HVAC
  • Plumbing rough-in
  • Insulation
  • Vapour/air barrier
  • Before occupancy (both building and plumbing)
  • Final
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