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Site Plan Requirements for Single Family House

Use the following checklist to ensure your site plan or survey is complete. A sample site plan is shown below. Some of the information can be drawn from your property survey.

Note that all measurements must be shown in metres. The inclusion of Imperial measures is optional.

The site plan must include:

  • Title
  • Scale
  • North directional arrow
  • Street name, address and legal description
  • Abutting streets and lanes
  • Property lines and dimensions
  • Rights-of-way and easements
  • Existing buildings and structures, showing use, shape, and dimensions
  • Proposed construction, showing use, shape, and dimensions
  • Driveway locations
  • Setbacks from all property lines to existing and proposed structures
  • Distances between all buildings and structures on the property
    PLUS, if applicable:
    • Well location
    • Septic field/tile bed
    • Any buildings or structures to be demolished

 Sample drawing of Site Plan for a detached house