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Zoning Requirements

Zoning requirements for new single detached dwellings and additions to single detached dwellings.

Check the Zoning By-law and the requirements that apply to your area and your property:

  • Click here to determine what zone your property is located in
  • Click here to review the regulations that apply to your zone

The following are minimum zoning requirements and may not apply equally in all situations.

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Note 1: Front and rear yards in R1, R2, and R1A zones: Front and rear yards must each be at least 6 metres (19 feet, 10 inches) deep and that you maintain a combined front and rear yard depth of at least 15 metres (49 feet, 3 inches). Some exceptions apply in older neighbourhoods.

Note 2: Interior side yard regulations for houses without an attached garage or carport.

Note 3: Interior side yard regulations for houses with an attached garage or carport.

Additions to single detached houses built before March 16, 1987: If the house has narrower side yards than those required under the Zoning By-law, the addition must not be less than 0.6 metres (23.6 inches) from the side lot line, or no closer than the side of the house, whichever measurement is greater.