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Accessory Building Floor plan requirements

Use the Accessory Building Design Form for simple accessory buildings. If this form is not appropriate for your plans, consult the Building Permit Guide for the minimum requirements.

Use the following checklist to ensure your drawings are complete and provide enough information to verify Building Code requirements and Zoning By-law requirements. A sample drawing is shown below.

Your floor plans must show:

  • Project location
  • Designer’s name and Building Code Identification Number (BCIN), if applicable
  • Scale of drawings
  • Building width and length (shown as A on the drawing below)
  • Man door size and location (B)
  • Window sizes and locations (C)
  • Garage door size and location (D)
  • Direction of trusses or rafters (E)
  • Information on the roof type, walls, flooring, and foundation
  • Heating appliances, type and location, if included
  • Interior partitions, if included

Accessory Building Floor Plan Drawing Requirements
The Accessory Building Design form will also require:

  • Property information
  • Roof, wall, floor and foundation information