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Site Plan or Survey Requirements

Use the following checklist to ensure your site plan or survey is complete. A sample site plan is shown below.

Note that all measurements must be shown in metres. The inclusion of Imperial measures is optional.

The survey or site plan must show:

  • Existing buildings: width, length, use (shown as A on the drawing below)
  • Proposed building: width, length, use (B)
  • Exterior side yard dimensions - street side for corner lots (C)
  • Interior side yard dimensions (D)
  • Rear side yard dimensions (E)
  • Existing building yard dimensions - front and side (F)
  • Overall property dimensions (G)
  • Distance between the existing house and the proposed building, including deck (H)
  • Driveway location: this may not be less than 9 metres (30 feet) from the intersection of the property lines along the two streets (I)
  • Easements or rights of way (J)

Sample drawing of Site Plan for a detached house