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Deck Floor Plan Requirements

Use the Residential Deck Form for simple, one-level decks. For more complex decks, you must provide working drawings prepared by a registered designer.

Use the following checklist to ensure your drawings are complete and provide enough information to verify Building Code requirements and Zoning By-law requirements. A sample drawing is shown below.

Your floor plans must show:

  • Project location
  • Designer’s name and Building Code Identification Number (BCIN), if applicable
  • Scale of drawings
  • Deck width and length (shown as A on the drawing below)
  • Post and beam location (B)
  • Stair location (C)
  • Railing location (D)
  • Beam size and type (E)
  • Post size and type (F)
  • Joist size, spacing and direction (G)
  • Existing building wall (H)
  • Adjacent room(s) and their use (I)
  • New door location and size in existing wall, including lintel size (J)

Sample drawing of Deck Site Plan