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Renovating or Building a Home

If you are building a house, or any building over 10 square metres, the Ontario Building Code Act requires that you obtain a building permit prior to construction. The building permit process protects both the owner's interests and those of the community at large. It also helps to ensure that any structural change is safe. Failure to obtain proper building permits can result in costly construction delays, legal action and/or the removal of work already completed.

The application process gives you direction to meet the minimum structural, fire, and health and safety building standards as legislated by the Province of Ontario and, as well, covers other municipal requirements including zoning.

The quick links below will assist you in preparation for your building or renovation project.


Building a House
Residential Accessory Buildings
Building a Deck
Renovating Your Basement 

Download Permit Forms available from the Building Services Division.

Other Approvals

Heritage Approval Process  Adobe PDF, 1 pages, 18 KB

Other Permits

Swimming Pool Fence Permit Application  Adobe PDF, 1 pages, 30 KB

External Links

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