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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be 55 plus to participate at the Centres?

YES.  To participate in drop-in daily activities, registered programs and to volunteer, people must be aged 55 or better. The Support Services area accepts applicants aged 18 and over to volunteer in the community with home-bound seniors.

What if my spouse is 55 plus and taking a class ... can I participate with my spouse if I am not yet 55?

YES.  This is an exception to the above policy. If someone's spouse is 55 or better and participates at the Centres, then the younger spouse can also attend.

Do I have to pay an annual membership fee and become a member to participate at the Centres?

NO.  The Centres do not have a membership. People simply need to be 55 or better. There is a nominal fee to be paid for drop-in daily activities or you must register and pay for registered instructional programs. Clubs operating within the Centre (e.g.: Fifty-Five Plus Fix-It Club, Travel Club, etc.) may have their own memberships which are separate from the Centres.

How can I find out what fitness programs are available?

Check out the "Registered Programs" link area of this website for instructional registered programs that are currently being offered at both Centres. Registered Programs

What is being offered for lunch at the River Street Café?
Check out this link to find the Cafe's monthly menu. Call 684-3066 to pre-order your lunch for pick-up or to find out the daily soup being offered. River Street Café.

When are computers available for seniors to use?

Please call the main office - 684-3066 or check the schedule on the computer room door for room availability. 

What if I'm not sure what class would be suitable for me?

No problem. Stop by our main office and ask about our "Try A Class On Us" card. This will allow you to try a class for free, and if suitable then come back to the office and get registered.