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Therapeutic Recreation

Our Therapeutic Recreation programs are carefully designed to meet each residents individual needs and interests.  Programs are offered during the day, evenings and weekends. Residents are offered recreation opportunities to engage in social, cognitive, spiritual, physical, sensory stimulating, diversion, empowering and creative  expressive activities that have purpose and meaning. 

Curling Vets

View our Resident monthly Activity Calendar for May 2018 for each Home Area here:

Volunteers play an important role in providing quality care to our residents, at Pioneer Ridge. We have an active volunteer program with more than 150 volunteers, and some of them are high school students fulfilling their requirement for 40 hours or more of community involvement.

Whether helping in a recreation program such as bowling, assisting residents to attend a music programs or enjoying a walk outside; or visiting with resident’s and assisting with fundraising with our Helping Hands Auxiliary volunteers bring sunshine, laughter, and above they brighten the lives of everyone.

We welcome new people to join us as we make Pioneer Ridge a premier place to live. Annually, our volunteers give over 4,000 hours of their time to Pioneer.   



Volunteer Application  Adobe PDF, 2 pages, 169 KB