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Other Duties and Services

The following are the other duties and services performed by the Fire Prevention Division:

  • Enforcement of codes through inspections (complaints, requests, legislative)
  • Issuing Fire Marshal's Orders
  • Swearing provincial information in Provincial Offences Court
  • Preparing prosecution briefs, giving evidence
  • Business license inspections
  • Public Hall license inspections
  • Specialized home inspections
  • Conduct field inspections
  • Fire cause and origin determination
  • Compile fire loss statistics
  • Issue electrical safety authority orders on electrical hazards
  • Issue fire permits
  • Determination of fire routes
  • Assist Engineers and Architects with code interpretation and special design requirements
  • Lectures and speaking engagements as requested
  • Conduct training seminars for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, industrial occupancies, offices and special groups
  • Assist developers, owners and contractors on various projects through site plan, Committee of Adjustment and Subdivision Committee