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Home Oxygen Safety

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue encourages anyone living in a home where medical oxygen is used to Oxygen Tanktake the necessary safety precautions.

Did You Know?

Medical oxygen adds a higher percentage of oxygen to the air a patient uses to breath. When more oxygen is in the air, it saturates fabric covered furniture, clothing, hair, and bedding, making it easier for a fire to start and spread. Any fire that starts will burn hotter and faster! Smoking materials are the leading heat source resulting in medical oxygen related fires, injuries and deaths.

Thunder Bay Fire Rescue suggests the following safety tips:

  • A patient on oxygen should not smoke.
  • Post “No Smoking” and “No Open Flames” signs in and outside the home to remind people not to smoke.
  • Candles, matches, wood stoves, and gas stoves can be ignition sources and should not be used when oxygen is in use.
  • Oil-based hand creams, facial creams, cosmetics and any product containing petroleum based ingredients should not be used when oxygen equipment is handled or used.
  • Never use aerosol sprays containing combustible materials near the oxygen.
  • Keep oxygen cylinders at least 1.5 metres (5 feet) from a heat source, open flames or electrical devices.
  • Install additional smoke alarms in areas home oxygen is used.
  • People who may have difficulty escaping a fire should have a phone near their bed or chair.

For more information, contact: Anthony Stokaluk, Public Education Officer – Thunder Bay Fire Rescue,  625-2802 or