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Apply or Renew in Person

For all new permits download the application form and guidelines below and bring the completed application form to your local Fire Station. Apply in person between 8 am and 8 pm daily.

All new permits require an on-site Inspection to ensure that all guidelines have been adhered to. 

The cost to apply for a first time burn permit or to renew a previously approved burn permit is $30 (non-refundable) which includes the site inspection. 

Burn Permit renewals are only issued to the applicant if he/she agrees to abide by the rules and conditions of the permit, a permit was purchased in the previous year, and that there has been no change in the location or construction of the fire appliance or pit since the initial permit was issued.

The permit is valid for the calendar year in which the permit was purchased.

Rental Dwelling - Any person/tenant living in a rental structure or in an area having multiple occupancies WILL NOT be issued a Recreational Burning Permit unless the Property Owners Permission to Burn Form is completed and signed by the owner and is submitted with the application form.