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Fireworks Permit

Application for Fireworks Display

The following information will be required on all Applications for Fireworks Display.

Failure to complete the form or to supply all required information will result in the permit being denied.

  1. Name of group holding event.
  2. Name, phone number, address and D.O.B. of responsible person from event group.
  3. EXACT location of display – the location is required to assure adequate fallout zones exist.
  4. WRITTEN permission from owner of land where display will take place.
  5. Full name, date of birth, qualifications and a log of the responsible applicant / technician’s experience. A legible copy of NRC certificate is required, including expiry date. Company name and address required.
  6. Names and qualifications of assistants are required
  7. Manifest of fireworks to be used in display to be included.
  8. Value of display must be stated – fee will be 10 per cent of show value up to $100. Collection of fee due at time of issue.
  9. Manner and storage place of fireworks prior to display must be disclosed.
  10. Copy of third party Certificate of Insurance - $4 million indemnification required.

** Please Note:  Fireworks permits will require a minimum of 21 days to process.

Application for Fireworks Display forms can be picked up at Station 1 (Vickers Street) Fire Station, Fire Prevention Division, 330 Vickers Street North, (807)625-2650.


Fireworks Display Application
By-law 45-1993 Regulation of Sale
and Setting off of Fireworks
By-law 143-1995 Fireworks Amendment