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Pyrotechnic Events

Pyrotechnic/Fireworks Event Guidelines

In the interest of public safety and regulation of fireworks sales, the following rules will be observed:

1.    Any public display of Pyrotechnics will require a written plan to be submitted at least 21 days prior to the event.  This plan will include:

a.  Full name, date of birth, qualifications and a copy of the log book of the person who will be responsible for discharging the pyrotechnics.
b.  Site diagram showing the location of proposed devices in relation to operators, audience, performers (if applicable), support personnel (if applicable) and / or any related structure.
c.  A legible copy of NRC Certificate is required, including expiry date, name and address of company.
d.  Locations of effects will be clearly shown on maps.  Proper clearances between guests and sets / scenery will be maintained.
e.  The name of the group or company holding the event or show.

2.     A list of responsible persons and information including addresses, phone numbers and D.O.B. to be provided.
3.     If show / event is not occurring on land(s) owned by the group conducting the show, EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION to use the respective property will be required.
4.     Names and qualifications of assistants required.
5.     Manifest of fireworks / pyrotechnics to be used in display required.  MSDS sheets to be included.
6.     Manner of transport and detailed information concerning manner and location of storage prior to use to be supplied.
7.     If required, the Chief Fire Prevention Officer reserves the right to demand a live demonstration prior to approval to evaluate the effect of the display.
8.     Value of display must be stated – fee will be 10% of show value up to $100.00.  Collection of fee at time of permit issue.
9.     Proof of liability / third party insurance will be required with permit application - $4 million indemnification required.

If deemed necessary, Fire Rescue personnel will be in attendance at pyrotechnic / fireworks displays.  The Chief Fire Prevention Officer will have the authority to stop the pyrotechnic display or fireworks during a display should he deem it unsafe to person or property.

Pyrotechnic Event Approval Form  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 75 KB
Pyrotechnic Guidelines  Adobe PDF, 1 page, 19 KB