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2nd Stage - Health and Medical Fitness Evaluation Assessment

Second stage of the recruitment process is a Health and Medical Fitness Evaluation Assessment.

The fee for this assessment is $200.00 including taxes.

Physical conditioning must be at a high level, therefore the applicants selected to proceed to this part of the process participate in a medical/physical test to determine their ability to handle the heavy physical, mental and emotional demands of the job.

The fitness test determines the candidate’s general level of physical conditioning and also helps to determine the candidate’s suitability to participate in the job-related fitness tests.

A medical by the applicant's family doctor is required prior to the fitness test. Any cost associated with the medical is to be paid by the applicant. There is a fitness and job-related test fee which is to be paid by the applicant prior to the test.

All the fitness and job-related testing will take place at Station 3, 60 North Water Street. The testing is done in groups of 6-8 applicants per time block.

It is highly recommended that all individuals interested in entering the Firefighter examination process begin a physical training program immediately and plan on continuing that program throughout the testing process and into their firefighting career.

The general fitness test consists of the following items:

BLOOD PRESSURE: The candidate may not proceed if blood pressure reading is 144/94 or greater. In the event that a candidates blood pressure is at or above the max threshold the City’s Employee Health Nurse will be involved with further verification of a blood pressure reading. There is no scoring of this component.

1. SIT AND REACH: The applicant sits with the legs fully extended and reaches with the hands as far forward as possible while bending at the hips. The soles of the feet are placed against the measuring device and this is the 26-cm mark.

2. SIT-UPS: The applicant is in a back-lying position on a mat with the knees bent and the feet flat on the floor. The feet will be anchored at the base of the ankles. One sit-up is measured beginning with the shoulders on the mat, lifting the body until the elbows touch the knees and then returning to the starting position. Sit-ups will be done consecutively without pausing until fatigue or at the end of the one-minute time limit.

3. SHUTTLE RUN: This test is an evaluation of aerobic fitness. A warm-up is included as part of the test and only the last portion requires maximal effort. The objective is to follow the progressively increasing pace over a 20-metre course.

The Fire Service reserves the right to update the test items and/or scoring.

Successful candidates will be allowed a 15 minute rest break before they go on to the Job-Related Physical Fitness testing.

For further information on fitness testing, contact the Program Supervisor - Adult Fitness and Wellness, Canada Games Complex, 807-684-3338.