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3rd Stage - Job-Related Physical Fitness Test

The third stage of the recruitment process is a Job-Related Physical Fitness Tests.

The seven tests to be performed are designed to recreate the physical demands of a firefighter's job. Candidates will handle some items of equipment commonly used by professional firefighters such as ladders, hoses, ropes and self-contained breathing apparatus. The inability to wear breathing apparatus, to go into small areas because of fear of being confined (Claustrophobia), or the inability to climb ladders due to a fear of heights (acrophobia), fails the candidate.

Victim Drag
Drag a 200 pound [91 kg] rescue mannequin through a 50 foot obstacle course.

Ladder Climb
Climb an extension ladder up four floors, uncouple and recouple a hose coupling (safety line attached) wearing a 40 pound [18 kg] vest.

Ladder Lift
Lift a ladder off a wall bracket, place the ladder on the ground, then lift and return to the bracket.

Rope Pull
Hoist and lower a hose weighing 70 pounds [32 kg] up three stories, three times using a rope and roller.

Hose Carry
Lift and carry a hose weighing 85 pounds [39 kg] up and down three stories, three times.

Blacked-Out Face Mask
Travel through a prescribed course wearing a blacked-out facemask.

Hose Drag
Pull a 150 pound [70 kg] load along a 15 metre course.

NOTE:  Weights and distances may vary slightly.