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respect. Youth

It’s all about respect.

The respect. campaign has partnered with the Crime Prevention Council and Thunder Bay District Health Unit’s (TBDHU) For Youth Team to bring a youth focus to the message of respect.

We sometimes forget that youth are just as worthy of respect as the rest of us. It’s called adultism: the assumption that young people are less valuable than adults and therefore have less to offer to society. Many are unaware of adultism even if they are guilty of it themselves.

The TBDHU For Youth Team began by speaking to youth about what respect. means to them and where they felt they were not given the respect they deserved.

From those conversations some specific themes arose which were translated to several images and messages appear in a multi-media campaign launched during Youth Week, May 1-7.

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Capable - respect. Youth Poster
Caring - respect. Youth Poster
Creative - respect. Youth Poster
Strong - respect. Youth Poster


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The youth also shared some simple ways that adults can show respect:

"An adult can show me respect by..."

  1. Supporting me and spending time with me.
  2. Talking and listening to me.
  3. Treating me as an equal.
  4. Not making assumptions about me.
  5. Smiling at me and being polite.

Simple actions that can make a world of difference to a young person – and isn’t that what respect is all about?

Campaign History

In Feb. 2012, the Thunder Bay District For Youth Team (FYT) began working on a positive youth identity campaign, establishing a working group with five members from the FYT.
A partnership was formed in late Dec. 2012, with the Thunder Bay Crime Prevention Council and the respect. campaign to further develop and launch the campaign.

Content and images for the respect. Youth Campaign are locally driven by youth in our community including several high schools, Thunder Bay Skateboard Coalition, Die Active Art Collective, and Lakehead University, as well as targeted adults. Youth identified key messages they wanted to share as an attempt to break down existing misconceptions and beliefs held within our community. See the inspiring youth artwork.