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Doneta Rasmussen

Doneta Rasmussen has been volunteering for The Arthritis Society for over six years in many capacities. She has donated hundreds of hours of her time to the Arthritis Society in the past year alone. She has participated in more of the Arthritis Matters Tours than any single other team member. She is fully involved in every special event. Doneta does it all. She organizes, recruits, sets up, cleans up, and follows up. She is unstoppable - anything she can do to help, she’s willing to do.

With a family member having juvenile arthritis, Doneta truly knows the value of The Arthritis Society and how important the work is. She makes an effort to share the message at every chance she gets. When the Commitment to a Cure Program came to the front as a focus of the organization, Doneta was there – no questions asked. She is a very active participant in Commitment to a Cure. The Arthritis Society is truly fortunate to have a volunteer with such passion and dedication.