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Edith Gagne

Edith Gagne has been an outstanding Hospice Northwest palliative care volunteer since she completed her training in 2003. Her incredible dedication to her goal of improving the quality of life of those with a terminal illness was evident from her first visit, as she devoted her time to providing support and companionship to seven clients in her first month as a Hospice Northwest volunteer. Now as a veteran of six years, she is more than willing to share the wealth of knowledge she has gained with new volunteers. Her commitment to her clients continues unabated, with approximately 15 hours each month spent in the Hospice/Palliative Care Units of St. Joseph’s Hospital. Most notably, Edith has been a pillar of strength and a strong advocate for proper medical care for her client of several years who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. She is proud to be a part of a team by working together to improve the quality of life for her clients.