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Arthur Puchalski

Arthur Puchalski has been a loyal volunteer and supporter of little league baseball in Thunder Bay. Starting in 1963, Arthur has spent forty-four years as an umpire. His dedication even led him to Pennsylvania to attend umpire school in order to be the best umpire possible. In addition, from 1963 - 1974 Arthur helped coach little league baseball.

Arthur was also an umpire consultant for this district for many years. He was always focused on the development of the young players. He wanted them to learn the game and rules correctly, so that as they advanced, there would be no surprises, or deterrents to their development. He loves baseball and has always been dedicated to conveying this to others through education and his personal enthusiasm. At 87 years of age, Arthur attends as many games as possible, and is often recognized by many, who are now watching their children or grandchildren play. Recognition is long overdue for Arthur for his many years of volunteering and for communicating his love for little league baseball to several generations of players.