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Len Godwin

Len has been involved with the Scouting movement with the 16th Fort William Scout Troop for more than 30 years.  His interest in and support of the youth of Thunder Bay has been without bounds and has been an inspiration to other adult volunteers.  He works hard to ensure that the leadership and programs being offered are both effective and efficient use of volunteer time.  His encouragement and involvement in offering a supportive training program for all volunteers is outstanding.  He has also attracted and retained an active parent association to provide administrative & financial leadership.  He has also adapted a fundraising program consisting of the manufacturing and selling of winter sand bags by the Scouting youth.  This program helps the youth experience the direct benefit of their own efforts and labour and minimizes the need for other fundraising ventures that take valuable time away from program activities.  In a large youth program such as that which Scouts Canada offers it is important to be patiently dynamic, adapting and evolving to youth interests, needs and skill sets which change annually.  Len has always insisted on the motto "Always only the best".