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Mattie & Gilbert (Gib) Adams

Mattie and Gib have been active volunteers at Volunteer Pool since the late 1950s. They have served as Board members, as Directors and President, devoting a tremendous amount of time and energy for so many years.  Mattie continues to care for the Centre as if it were her home and runs many of the day to day operations that make the Centre a viable organization.  Gib took on the lead role in gathering volunteers in the early 1960s to hand dig what is now Volunteer Pool.  He was instrumental in helping to build the facility that enclosed the pool as part of the community centre.  They both were always there for any kind of fund-raising event, whether it be bingos, spaghetti dinners, children's skating or hall events.  The neighbourhood and the community are very grateful to there two wonderful people for their ongoing contributions.