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Andrew and Allan McCutcheon

Andrew and Allan are nominated together as it would be difficult to separate their service to Scouting, since they do everything together.  Over the past two years, they have volunteered many hours at the Dog Lake Cabin helping restore the cabin, cutting brush, and maintaining the trail into the camp as you can only walk in or canoe in.  The cabin, with their help, has a new roof, fireplace, new doors and windows and has been fixed up inside as well.  Allan and Andrew volunteer at Grey Wolf Scout Camp as well, often spending hours on general maintenance.  They have also volunteered to stay up many nights doing "Night Picket" for the Beaver and Cub Spring & Fall campers to escort them to the outhouse and back safely to their tents.  They have also assisted during the Winter Games in running a station for the Beavers and Cubs, instructing them in the rules and assisting them if needed.  Both are active in the Venturer Program and continue to be of service to the younger sections.  For Andrew and Allan, volunteering is now a big part of their lives.  The City of Thunder Bay can expect to see these young people continue their volunteering for the community in the future.