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John Trevisanutto

John Trevisanutto Good Citizen Award 2012John has become very well known for his vast array of community projects and fundraising. John is in partnership with Our Kids Count in launching the beginning of a community project that will establish a new kitchen for Thunder Bay and will provide a place for individuals that may not have facilities to cook. Children will also have the unique opportunity to learn basic cooking skills through a peer program, and High school students will be recruited to provide a positive role model for children. John has been a member of the Thunder Bay Planning Committee for the last five years, loaning his Half-Way Motors boardroom for the Planning Committee meetings. He has also been one of the enthusiastically active ambassadors for the 23rd Provincial Harley Owners Group Rally held in Thunder Bay.

John’s organization of volunteers to help promote the rally, the City and the touring route at the Minneapolis Show is greatly appreciated.  He has also helped create his own charitable event, Motor and Muscles, that takes place at the end of August. The proceeds went to the Thunder Bay Regional Science Foundation for the first few years and now to the Canadian Diabetes Association for the last three years. John led the Halfway Motors/Nissan corporate team to the Rome Marathon (Team Diabetes) in March 2007.  John and his team raised over $55,900 for the Canadian Diabetes Association.  He has become active in an advocacy capacity with the Thunder Bay Expo project team, sharing his experience as a person with diabetes, as well as a business owner.  He attended National Leadership Forum in Ottawa in December 2009. Through his volunteering and leadership, John has made a significant contribution to our community.