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Barb Williams

Barb Williams Spirit Award 2012Barb has participated for 33 years in fundraising for the Heart and Stoke Foundation, which ultimately assists in the services and education provided to Thunder Bay from the Foundations. Barb is also involved with The Mission to Seafarers, an organization that reaches out to sailors from around the world, making them feel at home in Thunder Bay. As a volunteer, Barb visits the ships and takes the seafarers shopping and siteseeing in Thunder Bay, which not only brings revenue to the city, but provides a positive and warm image. She is currently the sole woman visitor to the seafarers.
Barb’s dedication is also involved in Camp Gitchigomee, where she interacts with the young people ages 7-20. She is a role model in living her Christian beliefs and has assisted older campers in dealing with challenges. As chair of the ACW, Barb has worked diligently to ensure that the elderly members of the group have transportation to the meetings, which allows them to stay in touch. Barb is always willing to take on new roles and challenges.