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Kay Geravelis

Kay Geravelis Spirit Award 2012Community Centres were established in locations where the neighbourhood residents could meet for recreational and social purposes.  The Vale community was identified as an area with a need for such facility.  Kay was not only involved in establishing the Centre, but continued to help create programmes and events for the community.  Such events focused on fitness, hobbies and general knowledge. She also helped organize community wide events, most notably the Christmas parties for the children.

Kay has been an executive member of Vale Community Centre since it was established in 1974. She was selected President of the Ladies Auxiliary during the inaugural election of the Volunteer Committee.  The Ladies Auxiliary fundraised for new appliances and kitchen cupboards by making perogies and catering at events and activities.

Over the years, Kay held many positions on the Vale Board of Directors, including President. Her dedication to the Centre continued when in 1993, the City of Thunder Bay reorganization resulted in the loss of the staff person at the Centre. Not willing to see the doors close or programming suffer, Kay volunteered to become the Hall Manager.  She was now responsible for the programming that the Centre would offer. Kay worked with the Recreation Division to keep the doors open and ensure there were activities available for the community.

With over 35 years of service to the Centre, it is easy to understand why Kay was nominated as a “Life Time Member” of the Centre, an honour she shares with only one other individual.