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Wilma Wood

Wilma Wood Spirit Award 2012Wilma, through her various positions at the Oliver Road Community Centre, has been a driving force behind the programming and opportunities that have brought people through the doors.  She has managed the programming and has planned special events such as the Community Tea and Winter Carnival.  Wilma’s effort has created a location for a community to flourish. Oliver Road Community Centre has been Wilma’s second home for over 35 years.  In the Centre’s early years, Wilma was a dedicated volunteer on their Board of Directors.  In 1979, the Centre was relocated into an entirely new facility.  After a few years, Wilma became President of the Centre and has been ever since.  The Centre has thrived off her strong conviction, determination and work ethic.

Wilma has also spent countless years as the Hall Manager, a position she still holds. Through her work, the Centre provides a wide variety of programs for the public to participate in, as well as continues to be a popular hall for wedding receptions, parties, socials and other community gatherings.

One community gathering worth noting is the Annual Winter Carnival, which is celebrating its 66th year, an accomplishment in which Wilma has played a pivotal role.

As much as Wilma has done for Oliver Road Community Centre, she has also helped guide all of the Community Centres. Being a long time member and Treasurer of the Community Centre Council, Wilma has been a mentor for all of the Volunteer Boards at each Centre.  She has provided ongoing support, and has been an invaluable resource to all Community Centre volunteers.