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2015 Good Citizen Awards

This Award is presented to an individual or group who has made outstanding volunteer contributions in Thunder Bay for a minimum of five years. The contributions may be cumulative volunteer work not necessarily with one single organization or group. Groups and organizations may receive this recognition on significant anniversaries.

Sylvia Boyd Debi Jolicoeur    Dr. Jack & Brenda Remus
Alex Boyko Teaghan Koster John Ritchie
Jane Chapman Janet Lortie Kathy Rozenuk
Stephanie Chikoski       Michele Love Marcus Simpson
Debbie Esquega Duncan MacGillivray Dean Storry
Alexa Hadley Dolores Mechtab Sister Dolores Turgeon
Rick Henderson Michelle Morettin Carol Voth
Carol Lynn Henriksson Judy Mostow Canadian Lakehead Ten Pin Bowling Association
Russ Hrenchuk Colleen Peters Corpus Christi Sunday & Funeral Choir
Tina Huk Tullio Provenzano John & Friends Entertainer Group (John Scaffeo & Albert Budiselic)