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Hakala, Steve

Steve Hakala - Good Citizen Award 2013In 1998, Steve Hakala joined the Chaban Ukrainian Dance Group as a dancer/performer.  In 2002 he joined the Chaban Executive as a Member-at-Large and quickly became known to dancers and families as one of the “behind-the-scenes” people.  He will build all types of props and is adept at fixing any and all items.  Steve helps with set-ups, Folklore booth, costumes and transporting of props.  His most impressive prop and work-of-art is Chaban’s life size Pysanka (Ukrainian Easter Egg).  As a teacher assistant Steve shows leadership, patience, skill and kindness to the youth dancers he is mentoring as well as the adult dancers in Ukercize where he is an assistant.  Steve is a talented and dedicated member of Chaban.  Steve has assisted as a chaperone during Chaban’s travels to such places as Disney World and Ukraine and is capable of assuming the role of a responsible leader.  He embodies the spirit of a team player and helps to keep the wheels of Chaban turning.