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Koster, Teaghan

Teaghan Koster - Good Citizen Award 2015Teaghan has been an active volunteer with Alzheimer Society Thunder Bay, Lakehead University Anthropology Association (LUAA) and Experience Dance. At the Alzheimer Society, she assists as a receptionist and is a volunteer for the Minds in Motion program. She makes sure that her client and visitor experiences are positive and comfortable. As vice-president of LUAA, Teaghan assists in planning and implementing events, handling monetary interests and pursuing new recruits. As a creative movement assistant with Experience Dance, Teaghan helps youth with their physical well-being and positive self-esteem. Over the past 12 months, Teaghan has been a volunteer with Lakehead University`s LEAD program which attracts students to the university by orientating them to the academic community and offering mentorship.Teaghan has proven herself to be an effective community leader.