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Oliver Road Recreation Association

Oliver Road Recreation Association - Good Citizen Award 2013Oliver Road Community Centre is celebrating 65 years of community service and community building. A group of forerunners in the field of community recreation met in 1947 to form a recreation association in the Oliver Road area of Port Arthur. The Oliver Road Recreation Association was the first community centre established by by-law in the City of Port Arthur. In October, 1948, a building (a 60-foot section of a World War II army hut in Current River Park) was obtained from the city and stands on the corner of Oliver Road and Enniskillen Avenue known as Enniskillen Park. A Board of Management was appointed to oversee the centre's operation.  In 1958, the grounds were leveled and improved with the financing totally underwritten by the organization. In 1972, two double tennis courts were constructed on the property due to high user demand. In 1978, it was decided the old building would be demolished and a new one constructed. The official sod-turning ceremony was in October 1978 and the new Oliver Road Community Centre opened its doors September 1979. The center continues to offer varied programming for people of all ages, special events and rental space for catering, meetings, socials, workshops, etc. Projects such as an additional parking lot, new playground equipment and air conditioning were completed. People have come to appreciate the warmth of the place due in great part to its caring volunteers. In all of its 65 years of operation, from its humble beginnings to present, the goals have remained constant – to promote, develop and further the recreational, educational, citizenship & social standards of the community.