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Rupnik, Lillian

Lillian Rupnik - Good Citizen Award 2013Lillian Rupnik has been volunteering at St. Joseph’s Heritage for over seven years assisting the Spiritual Care staff and clergy with the daily chapel services. Lillian was a regular attendee at the services as a community member and quickly realized the need for volunteer assistance. Each day she walks from her home, not concerned with the weather, and helps to set up in the chapels, organizes and assists residents and ensures services run smoothly in a trusting environment.  Lillian is caring, compassionate and very committed to service. Lillian is also actively involved with her church community at Corpus Christi Church. She is a member of the Catholic Women’s League and assists at funerals and many church functions and events. Residents have come to know and appreciate the gift of time Lillian so easily offers. Her commitment to services is exceptional.